The Ancestry Of Our Embers

1996 47 – Chief Delphi  1997 65 – Husky Brigades

Team 47- Chief Delphi

Team 47, or better known as Chief Delphi, was first formed in 1996. Chief Delphi was formed in Pontiac, Michigan at Pontiac Central High School. The story of the formation of the team began when GM came to Pontiac Central High School. GM told the school about FRC, and GM asked if the school wanted to make a robotics team. With the answer being yes, they started off with about 10 mentors. They were the first team to win 3 regional championships in a row. They were sponsored by GM, Delphi, and The Chrysler Foundation. Chief Delphi was a rival with Team 65, The Huskie Brigade, when competing with each other. The teams then came together to create the team we know today. Team 51!

Team 65 – Huskie Brigade

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Team 65, The Huskie Brigade, was first formed at Pontiac Northern High School 1997 in Pontiac, Michigan.  The team began with only 7 students. It grew quickly to more than 20 students after 1997. In 1999, more than a decade before the teams merged, and the very first year of alliances in FRC, The Huskie Brigade was fortunate to be selected as an alliance partner by Chief Delphi at the Great Lakes Regional (a sign of things to come?).  The Huskie Brigade won their first regional championship in 2002, followed by a world championship in 2003. Along the way, the team had great success on and off the field. Alumni from the team have gone on to be successful engineers, teachers, programmers, and many other fields. One of our mentors, Ken Patton, won the Woodie Flowers Award in 1999. In 2010, Pontiac Northern and Pontiac Central came together to form Team 51, The Wings Of Fire.