About Our Team

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Pontiac International Technology Academy believes that FIRST has been a very successful educational incentive for all of our students. Our students not only receive scholarships, internships, and employment as a result of their participation, but also they have expanded their horizons for career goals. For over a decade, Chief Delphi and the Huskie Brigade have become lead examples for many other FIRST teams throughout the world. Now that the two teams have combined, we are positive that our influence will reach even greater heights. Dean Kamen has acknowledged this on many occasions. Today there are currently 1,600+ FIRST teams including teams from various countries such as Canada, Brazil, Great Britain and more. Wings Of Fire is one of only a few teams worldwide that are included in the prestigious FIRST Robotics Hall of Fame. We have earned this honor because of winning the 1997 Chairman’s Award – the highest award in FIRST.

After coming through our training program during 1st semester as a club member, every student is articulate enough to speak to media and respond to questions about the FIRST Program. We function as a team as well as a family developing a special bond that makes our students exemplary in all areas of education.

Wings Of Fire is extremely proud of the many accomplishments ChiefDelphi and the Huskie Brigade have accomplished over the 14 prior years. Moreover, the team chooses to continue to create dynamic programs and scenarios that serve to improve student achievement, especially in math, science, and technology. Other teams and the FIRST organization have told us that Chief Delphi is a true leader in the world. We however contend that we are not leaders, but an example for others to emulate. We aim to continue to be a leading example of what a FIRST Team should be. After a decade plus of service to the goals and aspirations that the FIRST program promotes, we as a team maintain that we are just getting started!

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